Storytellers That includes Ian Pulver: Scott Gomez’s Alaskan Adventures


On the fourth episode, two-time Stanley Cup Champion Scotty Gomez joins Ian Pulver to speak about his new endeavors, Scotty’s Home and Story Time with Uncle Scott. Gomez, one of many best storytellers within the enterprise, covers an array of matters, together with his days with the New Jersey Devils and his 1,000-plus video games within the NHL. Gomez renders recommendation to present NHLers, future professionals and gamers in any respect ranges. He’s entertaining and witty as he discusses his heritage, his Alaskan roots and his present Scotty’s Home adventures.Obtain and subscribe on iTunes, and on Soundcloud.​Pay attention on SpotifyListen on IHeartRadioListen on Google PodcastsListen on ACastListen on PodBeanListen on StitcherListen on Participant.FMListen on TuneInListen on LuminaryListen on PodBayListen on BullhornListen on BreakerListen on PodfriendListen on PodKnifeListen on Podhero

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