Nationwide League Draft Signings: Picks & Bonus Information


Right here is the checklist of each Nationwide League crew’s picks over the 5 rounds (plus the free agent compensation sandwich picks and the 2 Aggressive Steadiness Rounds) of the 2020 draft.  Slot value data and — if obtainable — the quantity of the participant’s bonus are listed, in addition to every membership’s whole draft bonus spending pool.  If a participant doesn’t signal with the crew, the slot value hooked up to the participant’s draft spot is faraway from the crew’s pool.
Exceeding the draft pool restrict by 10 p.c or much less of the pool worth will price a crew a 75 p.c tax on the overage, in addition to the forfeiture of a future first-round choose in the event that they exceed the pool by between 5-10 p.c.  A 100 p.c tax on the overage is levied if a crew exceeds its pool by greater than 10 p.c of the overall pool worth, with heavier choose penalties: a future first- and second-round choose if a crew’s additional spending falls between 10-15 p.c of the pool restrict, and two future first-round picks if the pool is exceeded by greater than 15 p.c.  Evidently, it might be surprising if any crew topped the 5 p.c threshold, although going over the pool restrict by 0-5 p.c isn’t unusual.
For additional reference, right here is the rundown of draft signings for American League groups.  These lists might be steadily up to date as extra gamers signal previous to the August 1 deadline, so hold the posts bookmarked for future updates!
Braves ($4,127,800 draft pool)
Jared Shuster, 1st spherical, 25th total. Slot worth: $2,740,300 (Signed for $2,197,500)
Jesse Franklin, 3-97. Slot worth: $599.1K (Signed for $497.5K)
Spencer Strider, 4-126. Slot worth: $451.8K (Signed for $451.8K)
Bryce Elder, 5-156. Slot worth: $336.6K (Signed for $850Okay)
Whole spent: $3,996,800
Brewers ($6,078,300 draft pool)
Garrett Mitchell, 1st spherical, 20th total. Slot worth: $3,242,900
Freddy Zamora, 2-53. Slot worth: $1,370,400 (Signed for $1.15MM)
Zavier Warren, 3-92. Slot worth: $637.6K (Signed)
Joey Wiemer, 4-121. Slot worth: $473.7K (Signed for $150Okay)
Hayden Cantrelle, 5-151. Slot worth: $353.7K (Signed for $300Okay)
Cardinals ($7,901,100 draft pool)
Jordan Walker, 1st spherical, 21st total. Slot worth: $3,132,300 (Signed for $2.9MM)
Masyn Winn, 2-54. Slot worth: $1,338,500 (Signed for $2.1MM)
Tink Therefore, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical B, 63rd total. Slot worth: $1,076,300 (Signed for $1,115,000)
Alec Burleson, free agent compensation spherical, 70th total. Slot worth: $906.8K (Signed for $700Okay)
Levi Prater, 3-93. Slot worth: $627.9K (Signed for $575Okay)
Ian Bedell, 4-122. Slot worth: $469Okay (Signed for $800Okay)
LJ Jones IV, 5-152. Slot worth: $350.3K (Signed for $100Okay)
Whole spent: $8.29MM.  Cardinals pays $291,675 in overage tax for exceeding draft pool restrict.
Cubs ($6,721,600 draft pool)
Ed Howard, 1st spherical, 16th total. Slot worth: $3,745,500 (Signed for $3.75MM)
Burl Carraway, 2-51. Slot worth: $1,436,900 (Signed for $1.05MM)
Jordan Nwogu, 3-88. Slot worth: $678.6K
Luke Little, 4-117. Slot worth: $492.7K (Signed for $492.7K)
Koen Moreno, 5-147. Slot worth: $367.9K (Signed for $900Okay)
Diamondbacks ($7,184,900 draft pool)
Bryce Jarvis, 1st spherical, 18th total. Slot worth: $3,481,300 (Signed for $2.65MM)
Slade Cecconi, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical A, 33rd total. Slot worth: $2,202,200
Liam Norris, 3-90. Slot worth: $657.6K (Signed for $800Okay)
A.J. Vukovich, 4-119. Slot worth: $483Okay (Signed for $1.25MM)
Brandon Pfaadt, 5-149. Slot worth: $360.8K (Signed for $100Okay)
Dodgers ($5,928,400 draft pool)
Bobby Miller, 1st spherical, 29th total. Slot worth: $2,424,600 (Signed for $2.2MM)
Landon Knack, 2-60. Slot worth: $1,157,400 (Signed for $715Okay)
Clayton Beeter, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical B, 66th total. Slot worth: $1,003,300 (Signed)
Jake Vogel, 3-100. Slot worth: $581.6K (Signed for $1,622,500)
Carson Taylor, 4-130. Slot worth: $434.3K (Signed for $400Okay)
Gavin Stone, 5-159. Slot worth: $327.2K (Signed for $100Okay)
Giants ($9,231,800 draft pool)
Patrick Bailey, 1st spherical, 13th total. Slot worth: $4,197,300 (Signed for $3.8MM)
Casey Schmitt, 2-49. Slot worth: $1,507,600 (Signed for $1,147,500)
Nick Swiney, free agent compensation spherical, 67th total. Slot worth: $976.7K (Signed for $1.2MM)
Jimmy Glowenke, free agent compensation spherical, 68th total. Slot worth: $953.1K (Signed for $600Okay)
Kyle Harrison, 3-85. Slot worth: $710.7K (Signed for $2.5MM)
R.J. Dabovich, 4-114. Slot worth: $507.4K
Ryan Murphy, 5-144. Slot worth: $379Okay (Signed for $25Okay)
Marlins ($12,016,900 draft pool)
Max Meyer, 1st spherical, third total. Slot worth: $7,221,200 (Signed for $6.7MM)
Daxton Fulton, 2-40. Slot worth: $1,856,700
Kyle Nicolas, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical B, 61st total. Slot worth: $1,129,700
Zach McCambley, 3-75. Slot worth: $831.1K
Jake Eder, 4-104. Slot worth: $560Okay
Kyle Damage, 5-134. Slot worth: $418.2K
Mets ($7,174,700 draft pool)
Pete Crow-Armstrong, 1st spherical, 19th total. Slot worth: $3,359,000 (Signed for $3,359,000)
J.T. Ginn, 2-52. Slot worth: $1,403,200 (Signed for $2.9MM)
Isaiah Greene, free agent compensation spherical, 69th total. Slot worth: $929.8K (Signed for $850Okay)
Anthony Walters, 3-91. Slot worth: $647.3K (Signed for $20Okay)
Matthew Dyer, 4-120. Slot worth: $478.3K (Signed for $350Okay)
Eric Orze, 5-150. Slot worth: $357.1K (Signed for $20Okay)
Whole spent: $7,499,000. Mets pays $243,225 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Nationals ($6,647,700 draft pool)
Cade Cavalli, 1st spherical, 22nd total. Slot worth: $3.027MM (Signed for $3.027MM)
Cole Henry, 2-55. Slot worth: $1.307MM (Signed for $2MM)
Samuel Infante, free agent compensation spherical, 71st total. Slot worth: $884.2K (Signed for $1MM)
Holden Powell, 3-94. Slot worth: $618.2K (Signed for $500Okay)
Brady Lindsly, 4-123. Slot worth: $464.5K (Signed for $20Okay)
Mitchell Parker, 5-153. Slot worth: $346.8K (Signed for $100Okay)
Whole spent: $6,647,000
Padres ($10,674,000 draft pool)
Robert Hassell III, 1st spherical, eighth total. Slot worth: $5,176,900 (Signed for $4.3MM)
Justin Lange, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical A, 34th total. Slot worth: $2,148,100 (Signed for $2MM)
Owen Caissie, 2-45. Slot worth: $1,650,200 (Signed for $1,200,004)
Cole Wilcox, 3-80. Slot worth: $767.8K (Signed for $3.3MM)
Levi Thomas, 4-109. Slot worth: $533Okay (Signed for $80Okay)
Jagger Haynes, 5-139. Slot worth: $398Okay (Signed for $300Okay)
Whole spent: $11,180,004.  Padres pays $379,503 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Phillies ($5,444,200 draft pool)
Pirates ($11,154,500 draft pool)
Nick Gonzales, 1st spherical, seventh total. Slot worth: $5,432,400 (Signed for $5,432,400)
Carmen Mlodzinski, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical A, 31st total. Slot worth: $2,312,000 (Signed for $2.05MM)
Jared Jones, 2-44. Slot worth: $1,689,500 (Signed for $2.2MM)
Nick Garcia, 3-79. Slot worth: $780.4K (Signed for $1.2MM)
Jack Hartman, 4-108. Slot worth: $538.2K (Signed for $60Okay)
Logan Hofmann, 5-138. Slot worth: $402Okay (Signed for $125Okay)
Whole spent: $11,067,400
Reds ($8,552,100 draft pool)
Austin Hendrick, 1st spherical, 12th total. Slot worth: $4,366,400 (Signed for $4MM)
Christian Roa, 2-48. Slot worth: $1,543,600 (Signed for $1,543,600)
Jackson Miller, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical B, 104th total. Slot worth: $1,025,100
Bryce Bonnin, 3-84. Slot worth: $721.9K (Signed for $700Okay)
Mac Wainwright, 4-113. Slot worth: $512.4K (Signed for $512.4K)
Joe Boyle, 5-143. Slot worth: $382.7K (Signed for $500Okay)
Whole spent:
Rockies ($10,339,700 draft pool)
Zac Veen, 1st spherical, ninth total. Slot worth: $4,949,100 (Signed for $5MM)
Drew Romo, Aggressive Steadiness Spherical A, 35th total. Slot worth: $2,095,800 (Signed for $2,095,800)
Chris McMahon, 2-46. Slot worth: $1,617,400 (Signed for $1,637,400)
Sam Weatherly, 3-81. Slot worth: $755.3K (Signed for $755.3K)
Case Williams, 4-110. Slot worth: $527.8K (Signed for $450Okay)
Jack Blomgren, 5-140. Slot worth: $394.3K (Signed for $394.3K)
Whole spent: $10,332,800

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