American League Draft Signings: Picks & Bonus Information


Right here is the checklist of each American League crew’s picks over the 5 rounds (plus the free agent compensation sandwich picks and the 2 Aggressive Stability Rounds) of the 2020 draft.  Slot value data and — if obtainable — the quantity of the participant’s bonus are listed, in addition to every membership’s complete draft bonus spending pool.  If a participant doesn’t signal with the crew, the slot value hooked up to the participant’s draft spot is faraway from the crew’s pool.
Exceeding the draft pool restrict by 10 % or much less of the pool worth will price a crew a 75 % tax on the overage, in addition to the forfeiture of a future first-round decide in the event that they exceed the pool by between 5-10 %.  A 100 % tax on the overage is levied if a crew exceeds its pool by greater than 10 % of the full pool worth, with heavier decide penalties: a future first- and second-round decide if a crew’s additional spending falls between 10-15 % of the pool restrict, and two future first-round picks if the pool is exceeded by greater than 15 %.  For sure, it will be stunning if any crew topped the 5 % threshold, although going over the pool restrict by 0-5 % isn’t unusual.
For additional reference, right here is the rundown of draft signings for Nationwide League groups.  These lists will probably be steadily up to date as extra gamers signal previous to the August 1 deadline, so maintain the posts bookmarked for future updates!
Angels ($6,397,100 draft pool)
Reid Detmers, 1st spherical, 10th total. Slot worth: $4,739,900 (Signed for $4.67MM)
David Calabrese, 3-82. Slot worth: $744.2K (Signed for $744Okay)
Werner Blakely, 4-111. Slot worth: $522.6K (Signed for $900Okay)
Adam Seminaris, 5-141. Slot worth: $390.4K (Signed for $140Okay)
Whole spent: $6,454,000.  Angels can pay $42,675 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Athletics ($5,241,500 draft pool)
Tyler Soderstrom, 1st spherical, 26th total. Slot worth: $2,653,400 (Signed for $3.3MM)
Jeff Criswell, 2-58. Slot worth: $1,214,300 (Signed for $1MM)
Michael Guldberg, 3-98. Slot worth: $593.1K (Signed for $300Okay)
Dane Acker, 4-127. Slot worth: $447.4K (Signed for $447.4K)
Stevie Emanuels, 5-157. Slot worth: $333.3K (Signed for $400Okay)
Whole spent: $5,447,400.  A’s can pay $154,425 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Astros ($2,202,600 draft pool)
Blue Jays ($9,716,500 draft pool)
Austin Martin, 1st, fifth total. Slot worth: $6,180,700 (Signed)
CJ Van Eyk, 2-42. Slot worth: $1,771,100 (Signed for $1.8MM)
Trent Palmer, 3-77. Slot worth: $805.6K (Signed for $850Okay)
Nick Frasso, 4-106. Slot worth: $549Okay
Zach Britton, 5-136. Slot worth: $410.1K (Signed for $97.5K)
Indians ($7,662,800 draft pool)
Carson Tucker, 1st spherical, 23rd total. Slot worth: $2,926,800 (Signed for $2MM)
Tanner Burns, Aggressive Stability Spherical A, 36th total. Slot worth: $2,045,400
Logan Allen, 2-56. Slot worth: $1,276,400 (Signed for $1.125MM)
Petey Halpin, 3-95. Slot worth: $610.8K (Signed for $1.525MM)
Milan Tolentino, 4-124. Slot worth: $460Okay
Mason Hickman, 5-154. Slot worth: $343.4K (Signed for $343.4K)
Mariners ($10,265,500 draft pool)
Emerson Hancock, 1st spherical, sixth total. Slot worth: $5,742,900 (Signed for $5.7MM)
Zach DeLoach, 2-43. Slot worth: $1,729,800 (Signed for $1,729,800)
Connor Phillips, Aggressive Stability Spherical B, 64th total. Slot worth: $1,050,300 (Signed for $1,050,300)
Kaden Polcovich, 3-78. Slot worth: $793Okay (Signed for $575Okay)
Tyler Keenan, 4-107. Slot worth: $543.5K (Signed for $500Okay)
Taylor Dollard, 5-137. Slot worth: $406Okay (Signed for $406Okay)
Whole spent: $9,961,100
Orioles ($13,894,300 draft pool)
Heston Kjerstad, 1st spherical, 2nd total. Slot worth: $7,789,900 (Signed for $5.2MM)
Jordan Westburg, Aggressive Stability Spherical A, 30th total. Slot worth: $2,365,500 (Signed for $2.365, 500)
Hudson Haskin, 2-39. Slot worth: $1,906,800 (Signed for $1,906,800)
Anthony Servideo, 3-74. Slot worth: $844.2K
Coby Mayo, 4-103. Slot worth: $565.6K (Signed for $1.75MM)
Carter Baumier, 5-133. Slot worth: $422.3K. (Signed for $1.5MM)
Rangers ($7,083,900 draft pool)
Justin Foscue, 1st spherical, 14th total. Slot worth: $4,036,800 (Signed for $3.25MM)
Evan Carter, 2-50. Slot worth: $1,469,900 (Signed for $1.25MM)
Tekoah Roby, 3-86. Slot worth: $699.7K (Signed for $775Okay)
Dylan MacLean, 4-115. Slot worth: $502.3K (Signed for $1.2MM)
Thomas Saggese, 5-145. Slot worth: $375.2K (Signed for $800Okay)
Whole spent: $7,275,000.  Rangers can pay $143,325 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Rays ($7,474,600 draft pool)
Nick Bitsko, 1st spherical, 24th total. Slot worth: $2,831,300 (Signed for $3MM)
Alika Williams, Aggressive Stability Spherical A, 37th total. Slot worth: $1,999,300 (Signed for $1.85MM)
Ian Seymour, 2-57. Slot worth: $1,243,600 (Signed for $1,243,600)
Hunter Barnhart, 3-96. Slot worth: $604.8K (Signed for $585Okay)
Tanner Murray, 4-125. Slot worth: $455.6K (Signed for $455.6K)
Jeff Hakanson, 5-155. Slot worth: $340Okay (Signed for $340Okay)
Whole spent: $7,474,200
Crimson Sox ($5,129,900 draft pool)
Royals ($12,521,300 draft pool)
Asa Lacy, 1st spherical, 4th total. Slot worth: $6,664,000 (Signed for $6.67MM)
Nick Loftin, Aggressive Stability Spherical A, 32rd total. Slot worth: $2,257,300 (Signed for $3MM)
Ben Hernandez, 2-41. Slot worth: $1,813,500 (Signed for $1.45MM)
Tyler Gentry, 3-76. Slot worth: $818.2K (Signed for $750Okay)
Christian Chamberlain, 4-105. Slot worth: $554.3K (Signed for $450Okay)
Will Klein, 5-135. Slot worth: $414Okay (Signed for $200Okay)
Whole spent: $12.52MM
Tigers ($13,325,700 draft pool)
Spencer Torkelson, 1st spherical, 1st total. Slot worth: $8,415,300 (Signed for $8,416,300)
Dillon Dingler, 2-38. Slot worth: $1,952,300 (Signed for $1.952,300)
Danny Cabrera, Aggressive Stability Spherical B, 62nd total. Slot worth: $1,102,700 (Signed for $1.2MM)
Trei Cruz, 3-73. Slot worth: $857.4K (Signed for $900Okay)
Gage Workman, 4-102. Slot worth: $571.4K (Signed for $1MM)
Colt Keith, 5-132. Slot worth: $426.6K (Signed for $500Okay)
Whole spent: $13,968,600.  Tigers can pay $482,175 in overage tax for exceeding their draft pool restrict.
Twins ($4,528,600 draft pool)
White Sox ($7,764,800 draft pool)
Garrett Crochet, 1st spherical, 11th total. Slot worth: $4,547,500 (Signed for $4,547,500)
Jared Kelley, 2-47. Slot worth: $1,580,200 (Signed for $3MM)
Adisyn Coffey, 3-83. Slot worth: $733.1K (Signed for $50Okay)
Kade Mechals, 4-112. Slot worth: $517.4K (Signed for $10Okay)
Bailey Horn, 5-142. Slot worth: $386.6K (Signed for $150Okay)
Whole spent: $7,757,500
Yankees ($3.52MM draft pool)

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