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By TC Zencka | November 30, 2019 at 11:47am CDTOn a moderately moderate post-occasion Saturday morning, how about we gather together the first work posted by the MLBTR staff this week…

The Offseason Outlook arrangement proceeded vigorously this week with status tests on the Braves, White Sox, and Astros.

Steve Adams and Jeff Todd gathered together the Top 25 Offseason Trade Targets and positioned them by a blend of exchange esteem and exchange probability.

Jeff Todd took some time not long ago to analyze the quick moving getting market, which has seen not just the top alternative fall off the load up, however various reinforcements choices also.

With the non-delicate cutoff time approaching Monday, a rundown of potential non-tenders – otherwise known as future free specialists – can be found here.

We additionally connected with you, the majority, for your feeling on various subjects: best November exchange, the Kyle Gibson contract, the Brewers/Padres swap, the administrative merry go round, Rockies’ exchange resources, and potential focuses for the Reds.

Last yet a long way from least, the MLBTR staff is here on a week by week premise to talk. You can discover the current week’s transcripts here and here.

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