‘Is This College?’ James Harden Dismisses Proposed in-Season NBA Tournament


James Harden isn’t actually intrigued by the NBA’s proposed in-season competition, as the League hopes to shake up its timetable.

Solidify expels the thought as something better left in the school b-ball positions:

“I don’t generally mind,” P.J. Exhaust said. “It resembles cup stuff. The NBA, I question they’ll ever get to that. We play for a NBA title. I would prefer not to play for whatever else. There is nothing else. It resembles a reassurance? I don’t have a clue. We play for a NBA title, period.”Rockets watch James Harden was considerably increasingly cavalier of the thought. “Are we in school?” he said. “Is this school?”

Solidify (34 focuses) and Rockets colleague Russell Westbrook (27 focuses) drove the route as Houston snapped a three-game losing streak Wednesday night with a 117- 108 win against the meeting Miami Heat.

Per The AP:

“At the point when those two folks get moving downhill it puts a great deal of weight on many individuals which makes me be open-open,” [Daniel] House said in the wake of scoring a profession high 23 focuses. “So thank you Russ and James.”Harden said House is showing signs of improvement at accepting points of interest of open doors when groups twofold him.”He works each and every day on his shot,” Harden said. “Those open doors are going to want him and the more certain he gets the simpler those shots will be.”

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