‘It Was My Fault’: Danny Ainge Blames Himself for Celtics’ Struggles Last Season


Celtics leader of ball operations Danny Ainge accuses himself—not Kyrie Irving, not so much at any rate—for an immensely baffling 2018- 19 season.

“We ought to have wiped out the program a smidgen,” says Ainge, including that the list he developed “didn’t work.”

“I do think it was my issue.” 1-on-1 with Danny Ainge on what turned out badly a year ago with Kyrie, how the front office rotated to locate a shockingly better fit in Kemba Walker, and how his time with Larry Bird and Kevin McHale influenced his response to Gordon Hayward’s most recent damage. pic.twitter.com/uw3gz5viVx—Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) November 26, 2019

Boston is as of now tied for the second-best record in the Eastern Conference at 12- 4.


“I believe that looking back, we ought to have wiped out the list a smidgen to make it simpler for [coach] Brad [Stevens], more happiness for him to mentor,” Ainge said.Ultimately, Ainge said he shunned exchanging any players last season on the grounds that, after an uneven beginning, the group entered the All-Star break 37- 21.”So that is the reason I didn’t do any arrangements, yet looking back, you know, I would,” Ainge told ESPN. Going ahead, Ainge said he would be “somewhat progressively cautious … building another group that had such equivalent depth.”While some have endeavored to cast fault on Irving for the failings of last season’s Celtics, Ainge keeps on saying he sees that as unfair.”I might suspect it’s senseless that Kyrie is focused as the person since he’s not with us this year,” said Ainge, who thinks he was likewise part of the issue. “I’ll accuse every one of the players and I’ll accuse myself, and we’ll go from that point.”

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