Carmelo Anthony: ‘This Ain’t a Damn Farewell Tour’


Carmelo Anthony has zero enthusiasm for some “damn goodbye visit.”

The 35- year-old, 10- time NBA All-Star is four games into his arrival to the League, and says he is surely “not contemplating resigning at the present time.”

Melo inked a non-ensured $2.15 million arrangement with the battling Portland Trail Blazers, and has so far been an invite expansion.

Per The Athletic:

“This ain’t a damn goodbye visit,” Anthony said. “My adoration for the game don’t stop. I don’t have the foggiest idea where this ‘goodbye visit’ thing originated from. I’ve never discussed a goodbye visit. I realize what I can do and I have confidence in myself. At the point when a goodbye visit comes, it comes. That is not something I consider. I’m not contemplating resigning at the present time. I had (pondered it) during this past stretch over the mid year. In any case, ain’t no resigning in my brain. I trust in what I have left.”Anthony had a champion fourth game for Portland (6-12), scoring 25 focuses on 10- of-20 shooting in the Trail Blazers’ victory street prevail upon Chicago to shut down out their excursion. He passed Alex English for 18th on the NBA’s record-breaking scoring list.”It’s been exceptionally approving coming back to the floor,” Anthony said. “From the point of view of to know the measure of discussion being said about me, versus the measure of help that I had. I think the measure of help exceeds all the antagonism and information exchanged. The baffling part was somebody concocting a story, at that point everyone simply piggybacking off of it.”A account that no one even comprehended what occurred or what was happening. That was the baffling part.”

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