Riley Curry Asked Draymond Green: ‘For what reason Do We Keep Losing?’


Indeed, even the Warriors’ children are confused by the group’s epic battles this season.

Stephen Curry’s little girl, Riley, asked his partner Draymond Green for what reason Golden State is heaping up some numerous misfortunes.

Riley Curry had an ongoing inquiry for Draymond Green: “For what reason do we continue losing?” My inquiry: How is Draymond dealing with it? We plunked down a week ago to talk about the first losing period of his life and what’s in store—Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 25, 2019

The 29- year-old is re-tooling—”return to my hostile game pre-Kevin Durant Warriors”— and adopting a philosophical strategy to this generally upsetting (and new) of seasons.

Per The Athletic:

“Recently, I was getting them out of the family room after the (Celtics) game and Riley Curry was in there,” Green says of Curry’s most seasoned girl. “She resembles: ‘Did we lose?’ I’m similar to, ‘No doubt, Riley, we lost.’ She resembles: ‘For what reason do we keep losing?'”Green fought the temptation to point over at Riley’s dad, notice that monster cast over his left hand and clarify that, well, that is the explanation they continue losing. Youthful Draymond raged when he lost at “Goad.” He couldn’t have cared less about subtleties or sensible reasons. Riley won’t. Along these lines, Green says, he just advised her “we’ll get better.””But once I answer (my children), they’re on to the following thing,” Green says. “It’s: ‘Gracious, OK, how about we go do this current, how about we have a ton of fun, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to be the stimulate beast.’ I need to return home, do shower time, be available for my life partner. Point of view.”

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