NFL control rankings, Week 13: Packers, Raiders slide


The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders move back in our NFL control rankings, while the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans climb. 32 Cincinnati Bengals 0-11 Last week: L, 16- 10 versus PITLast rank: 32nd Still winless, still 32nd. 31 New York Giants 2-9 Last week: L, 19- 14 at CHILast rank: 30th Do the Giants win another game this season? 30 Miami Dolphins 2-9 Last week: L, 41- 24 at CLELast rank: 29th After searching useful for the two weeks, the Dolphins are back. 29 Washington Redskins 2-9 Last week: W, 19- 16 versus DETLast rank: 31st The Redskins bolted up a success, and gave Cincinnati the No. 1 in general pick. 28 Denver Broncos 3-8 Last week: L, 20- 3 at BUFLast rank: 26th Denver is a trainwreck disagreeably. 27 Atlanta Falcons 3-8 Last week: L, 35- 22 versus TBLast rank: 24th The Falcons made sense of they should be awful once more. 26 Detroit Lions 3-7-1 Last week: L, 19- 16 at WSHLast rank: 23rd How would you lose to the Redskins? 25 Arizona Cardinals 3-7-1 Last week: BYELast rank: 28th Can Arizona show greater improvement over the last five weeks? 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7 Last week: W, 35- 22 at ATLLast rank: 27th The Buccaneers got great Jameis — generally — this week. 23 New York Jets 4-7 Last week: W, 34- 3 versus OAKLast rank: 25th The Jets all of a sudden look predominant obnoxiously. Didn’t see that coming. 22 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7 Last week: L, 42- 20 at TENLast position: 20th Nick Foles returned, yet the triumphant ways are still on IR. 21 Chicago Bears 5-6 Last week: W, 19- 14 versus NYGLast rank: 22nd This game was an abomination. 20 Los Angeles Chargers 4-7 Last week: BYELast rank: 21st The Chargers are playing out the most discouraging string in the group. 19 Carolina Panthers 5-6 Last week: L, 34- 31 at NOLast rank: 18th Ron Rivera is likely pursued the following five games. 18 Philadelphia Eagles 5-6 Last week: L, 17- 9 versus SEALast rank: 16th How are the Eagles this terrible? Super Bowl dreams gone astray. 17 Cleveland Browns 5-6 Last week: W, 41- 24 versus MIALast rank: 19th The Browns are attempting to get into the season finisher picture this end of the week in Pittsburgh. 16 Los Angeles Rams 6-5 Last week: L, 45- 6 versus Counterweight rank: 13th Jared Goff is broken. 15 Indianapolis Colts 6-5 Last week: L, 20- 17 at HOULast rank: 14th Tough misfortune on Thursday for the Colts. A success would have nearly ensured a season finisher spot. 14 Oakland Raiders 6-5 Last week: L, 34- 3 at NYJLast rank: ninth Hideous misfortune, and now the Raiders go to Arrowhead. Good karma. 13 Tennessee Titans 6-5 Last week: W, 42- 20 versus JAXLast rank: 17th The Titans are a totally extraordinary group with Marcus Mariota on the seat. 12 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-5 Last week: W, 16- 10 at CINLast rank: 15th No offense, yet enough safeguard to beat the punchless Bengals. 11 Dallas Cowboys 6-5 Last week: L, 13- 9 at NELast rank: 10th Dallas is confronting an unquestionable requirement win on Thanksgiving. 10 Buffalo Bills 8-3 Last week: W, 20- 3 versus DENLast rank: 12th The Bills can win a huge amount of regard against the Cowboys. 9 Houston Texans 7-4 Last week: W, 20- 17 versus INDLast rank: 11th The Texans beat the Colts, and now the Patriots loom on Sunday night. 8 Green Bay Packers 8-3 Last week: L, 37- 8 at SFLast rank: sixth That was a furrowing. 7 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 Last week: BYELast rank: eighth The Chiefs are in great position however should deal with the spunky Raiders. 6 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 Last week: BYELast rank: seventh Minnesota all of a sudden fantasize winning the NFC North. 5 New Orleans Saints 9-2 Last week: W, 34- 31 versus CARLast rank: fourth Ugly win, yet it’s a success. 4 Seattle Seahawks 9-2 Last week: W, 17- 9 at PHILast rank: third The Seahawks may wind up with the No. 5 seed as a 13- win group. 3 Baltimore Ravens 9-2 Last week: W, 45- 6 at LARLast rank: fifth M.V.P. 2 New England Patriots 10- 1 Last week: W, 13- 9 versus DALLast rank: second The Patriots have an incredible protection and positively no offense. 1 San Francisco 49ers 10- 1 Last week: W, 37- 8 versus GBLast rank: first If Jimmy Garoppolo is better than average, this is the best group in the league.Make sure to look at all things NFL at the FanSided NFL center point.

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