Yankees Trade Nestor Cortes Jr. To Mariners


1:41pm: The two groups have both reported the move.

“Nestor is a flexible lefty who can do a tad of everything,” Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto said in an announcement reporting the swap. “He can begin, he can mitigate, he can give you those center innings or even work as an opener.”

Seattle’s 40- man program is presently at 36 players.

1:30pm: The Yankees have exchanged left-hander Nestor Cortes Jr. to the Mariners in return for universal extra distributions, Buster Olney of ESPN reports (by means of Twitter). New York assigned Cortes for task a week ago when setting the 40- man list ahead of time of one month from now’s Rule 5 Draft.

Cortes, 25 one month from now, has showed up in 37 major association games in the course of the last two seasons — everything except one of which was an alleviation excursion. In spite of the fact that he’s been a long-lasting Yankees farmhand, the lefty really made his MLB debut with the Orioles in 2018 after Baltimore chose him in the 2017 Rule 5 Draft. He couldn’t hold his list spot, notwithstanding, and was come back to the Yankees during the ’18 season.

This previous year, Cortes made his Yankees debut however limped to a 5.67 ERA in 66 2/3 innings. He arrived at the midpoint of 9.3 strikeouts per nine innings pitched and logged a 10.5 percent swinging-strike rate, yet Cortes additionally found the middle value of 3.8 strolls and 2.2 grand slams per nine edges in his restricted time with the Yanks. He doesn’t produce numerous grounders (34.2 percent), nor does he toss particularly hard (89.6 mph normal fastball), yet lefties with solid Triple-A track records and small time choices remaining will consistently have some intrigue all through the association. Cortes has a couple of choices left and, in 205 1/3 innings at the Triple-A level, has a 3.11 ERA with 8.7 K/9 against 2.7 BB/9. A transition to a more pitcher-accommodating setting could unquestionably check the grand slam inconveniences that tormented him in 2019, and in any event he’ll give the Mariners some profundity both in the pivot and as a long alleviation choice.

The measure of cash the Yankees got in kind for Cortes isn’t by and by known, yet universal assignments must be exchanged squares of $250K, so New York got up that much in extra assets to add to its pool.

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