MLBTR Poll: Which Top Free Agent Should The Reds Pursue?


The Reds figure to be among the offseason’s most captivating groups. They need to battle in 2020, plan to expand finance, and have a couple of territories on the list needing overhaul. The lineup figures to be the principle center, as Cincinnati completed 25th in baseball in runs in spite of a hitter-accommodating home park. All the more explicitly, the Reds could hope to reinforce their getting, center infield and corner outfield blend. On the other hand, they could return Nick Senzel to a respectable halfway point full-time, despite the fact that they’d at that point be left parsing through a scanty focus field advertise. In view of those necessities, the MLBTR staff figure Cincinnati leaving endlessly with Yasmani Grandal and Didi Gregorius at the beginning of the offseason. Grandal, obviously, has since marked with the White Sox, despite the fact that the Reds have been connected to Gregorius this month.

In any case, the club absolutely doesn’t seem prepared to categorize itself into looking for offense. They were tied to Zack Wheeler, the number three beginning pitching choice on the market, this week. While supporting a beginning revolution that as of now extends as one of the group’s best may appear to be sketchy for a group with such a significant number of hostile gaps, there’s legitimacy to getting the most ideal players and sifting through the riddle pieces later. Including Wheeler, or one of the numerous other beginning pitchers accessible, would improve the Reds, regardless of whether it doesn’t address the group’s most glaring shortcoming.

So where should the Reds turn? Notwithstanding Gregorius and Wheeler, they’ve monitored any number of free specialists in the early going. Somewhat, they were in on Grandal before he went to Chicago, despite the fact that it isn’t clear if talks got much of anywhere. They’ve checked in on Marcell Ozuna and Nicholas Castellanos, every one of whom would be an ordinary fit for an offense-destitute club. Given the players to whom they’ve been connected, it’s little shock Cincinnati isn’t excessively worried about relinquishing draft pick remuneration to sign a player appended to a passing offer.

Hypothetically, even Mike Moustakas could bode well, accepting that Cincinnati’s front office is alright with him as a choice at a respectable halfway point. The Reds’ enthusiasm for Wheeler demonstrates we shouldn’t altogether preclude a starter like Madison Bumgarner or Hyun-Jin Ryu, either, regardless of whether neither one of the hurlers has yet been associated with the association.

Alternatives proliferate, yet it appears to be likely the Reds will make some striking sprinkle this winter. Where would it be a good idea for them to turn as they hope to snap a six-year season finisher dry spell?

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