Whan heads to Spain in offer to make LPGA-LET organization


NAPLES, Fla. – LPGA official Mike Whan is traveling to Spain this end of the week in an offer to settle the negotiations on a merger with the Ladies European Tour.

The LPGA’s and LET’s top managerial staff have each consented to seek after an organization, yet the last say rests with LET players.

“The LET, the same as the LPGA, is controlled by its players,” Whan said. Thus, the players will get the last decision on that.”

Whan will meet with LET players on Tuesday.

“It’s actually a 50- 50 joint endeavor that we’re proposing,” Whan said. “Six individuals from a board from our side and six individuals from a board from their side. And all returns remain in Europe.”

Whan is proposing a pathway to assist players with advancing from the LET to the LPGA, yet he said that entrance, first and foremost, would be restricted to the LPGA’s Q-Series, the last phase of the visit’s Q-School. That pathway could advance into direct access, like the Symetra Tour, where the LET’s top cash champs procure LPGA visit cards.

BY Randall Mell

—  November 22, 2019 at 9:02 AM

LPGA stars will play for a record $75.1 million one year from now. The 2020 plan, discharged Friday, highlights 33 official occasions, in addition to the UL International Crown.

“I think the duty is on us first – which means us, the suits – to make a timetable that is huge enough, with a lot of playing openings, and you need to beat enough players to give yourself deserving of direct access,” Whan said. “Be that as it may, I think for the time being, on the off chance that you can make it to Q-Series, you’ve most likely got a 50- 50 shot. I don’t have a clue whether those are the precise chances of Q-Series, however it’s likely close.”

Whan said he imagines the LET offering the best of the two universes for players over yonder.

“We have to give the season-long qualifier,” Whan said. “I likewise think, not the same as Symetra, I see the LET as a visit that individuals can presumably proceed to play forever, on the off chance that we construct that visit the manner in which we can manufacture it.”

What’s truly in this for the LPGA?

Whan stated: “The manner in which I said it to my board is,’If you read the crucial the LPGA, it’s to give ladies the chance to seek after their fantasies in the sport of golf, period That’s the entire proclamation. As I said to our board, I don’t see a limit or a fence around that announcement. It doesn’t state in America, doesn’t state in North America, doesn’t state in nations where you think the open door is most prominent.

“Along these lines, I said I figure we ought to do this since we can. We truly can. What’s more, I believe it’s our duty. Our organizers would have done it in the event that they would have had this capacity. Things being what they are, the reason shouldn’t we?”

Whan said he sees a LET pathway to the LPGA developing golf all inclusive.

“By giving a pathway, we draw in nation alliances all through Europe who have cash to spend on ladies’ game,” Whan said. “In any case, they have to ensure that way can prompt Olympic competitors and individuals that can live on the highest point of the Rolex world rankings. Also, they realize that way to the LPGA is required.”

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