Charges Filed Against DeMarcus Cousins Dropped


Third-degree badgering charges against DeMarcus Cousins have been dropped, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. The mother of Cousins’ youngster recorded the charges after a supposed disagreement regarding their child showing up at Cousins’ wedding.

The case, documented in Alabama, has now been expelled.

The charges were imposed in the weeks following news that Cousins would miss the 2019- 20 crusade with knee damage, not long in the wake of inking a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We expounded on the underlying charges and the capture warrant that had been given for Cousins back in August.

The news will clear Cousins to concentrate on recouping from the torn ACL damage that demolished a potential rebound battle in Los Angeles following a curtailed season with the Warriors.

Cousins marked on for $3.5 million to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis lead the establishment back to the postseason.

While the Lakers haven’t officially shut the entryway on the possibility of Cousins coming back to the court this season, it’s important that the group granted the group a crippled player special case for Cousins, which implies that an outsider specialist decided it likely that the huge man’s damage would keep him sidelined through mid-June.

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