Carmelo Anthony: Jared Dudley ‘Wasn’t Keeping a Roster Spot from Me’


Carmelo Anthony openly made history to Lakers reinforcement forward Jared Dudley, pushing back against the proposal Dudley took up a list detect that was legitimately his in Los Angeles.

“You can’t reprimand him for what I experienced,” Anthony says.

Melo, who inked a non-ensured manage the Portland Trail Blazers this week, likewise minimized any on-court meat he may have had with Dudley previously.

Per Yahoo Sports:

“Me and Jared Dudley had a few issues before, man, yet I began feeling awful for him a tad,” Anthony revealed to Yahoo Sports. “That is to say, not feeling awful, however it’s much the same as, ‘Disregard that man.’ It’s not his flaw. Groups that needed him, they needed a particular job, and that is the reason they lifted him up. I needed to let some know folks to lay off. He wasn’t keeping a program spot from me. That wasn’t the situation. The [treatment] he got wasn’t right.”Anthony explained the issues he had with Dudley.”Man, it was only some game s—in [competition],” he disclosed to Yahoo Sports. “S—that occurred on the court. Not all that much. We don’t have any problems.”It’s been a long adventure to return to where he has a place, yet it was that experience — which caused so a lot of pointless nastiness coordinated toward Dudley — he said he won’t take for granted.”Yeah, [Dudley] didn’t merit that,” Anthony disclosed to Yahoo Sports. “We were in various circumstances. You can’t reprimand him for what I experienced.”

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