The 49ers will disclose to us who they are over next three weeks


After being pushed as far as possible by division matches in their last three games, the San Francisco 49ers next three games will recount to the narrative of the remainder of their season.For around multi week, the San Francisco 49ers were the last undefeated group remaining in the NFL. At that point, similar to the New England Patriots, they lost to a meeting rival and their MVP competitor quarterback in primetime. Notwithstanding, in contrast to the Patriots, San Francisco took their adversaries to extra time, which means they have still never lost in the initial four quarters.As great as this sounds, the 49ers haven’t resembled a marginal undefeated group of late. In Week 9, they scarcely endure No. 1 generally speaking pick Kyler Murray and the NFC West’s storm cellar staying Arizona Cardinals. Furthermore, if not for a couple of incensed last minutes, they could have effectively lost to humble Arizona again in Week 11.Understandably, contention games are intense. However, in a NFC bye week race where five groups have at any rate eight successes, the 49ers 9-1 record abruptly feels somewhat not exactly “close to consummate”. Each nearby success will be microanalyzed in this gathering, and keeping in mind that the Seattle Seahawks can be condemned for winning seven of their eight games by one score or less, the Hawks demonstrated they could beat a tip top group at the passing. What’s more, that first class team was the 49ers.These next three weeks will tell the NFL world precisely how great the 49ers are. Possibly they are as tip top as their NFC-best 9-1 record would show. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they vacillate against the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints in their next three games, they could be 9-4 and out of the bye week picture. This drop would be the distinction among “first class” and “good”.The Packers, Ravens, and Saints are every one of the 8-2 and each of the three groups have tip top quarterbacks. In the mean time, the 49ers have never vanquished a group with a record superior to 6-4 this season, as they lost their solitary game against an even rival in Seattle. San Francisco has additionally generally confronted average quarterbacks. They have just confronted a quarterback with a QB Rating inside the top 20 in their most recent three weeks. The outcomes? Last-pant wins against Arizona’s Kyler Murray and a misfortune to Russell Wilson, who is the main star quarterback the 49ers No. 2-positioned barrier has faced. On paper, the 49ers have a wonderful factual resume. Kyle Shanahan’s group is second in focuses per game permitted, focuses scored, and net yards per endeavor permitted on resistance. Factually, they are the most prevailing and balanced group in the alliance. In any case, those measurements are slanted by a huge number of poor quarterbacks and beneath normal groups on their schedule.For the first run through this season, the 49ers will confront a gauntlet. Just because this season, they will be tried by confronting three of the most troublesome matchups in succession. These are the sorts of adversaries the 49ers should fight in the postseason, expecting they don’t marvelously implode from their 9-1 start.The Saints are in that spot with the Niners in the contention for the best group in the NFC. What’s more, the Packers may be as hazardous with the barbaric Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball. Both the Saints and Packers speak to firm challenge in the meeting to the Niners, and a misfortune would have gigantic sudden death round suggestions. While the Ravens aren’t as high-stakes in such manner, they might be the hardest matchup issue for San Francisco, as Lamar Jackson is the MVP leader who defeated Bill Belichick to hand New England their lone misfortune this season.If the 49ers lose any of these games, they could all of a sudden drop from first to second in the NFC West behind the Seattle group they lost to, which means they could go from a season finisher bye to a No. 5 or 6 seed. While this drop wouldn’t be calamitous, it would serve to underscore the fine edges among “great” and “tip top” in the all the way open, ultra-skilled NFC.Having to play against just one of the Saints, Ravens, or Packers in a three-game stretch would be troublesome enough. The 49ers need to confront every one of the three out of a column in the wake of giving a few breaks just because this season. Shanahan gets an opportunity to show his group is on a par with the measurements demonstrate and vehemently twofold down the Niners’ preferred position in the NFC. Next: These are the 5 NFL groups that need to win in Week 12 But there’s an equivalent possibility the 49ers are uncovered gravely by three capable groups with progressively hierarchical season finisher experience. Every one of the three of these groups have won a Super Bowl and been lasting season finisher contenders in this decade.San Francisco have been NFL sweethearts to begin the 2019 season, and, regardless, they will be praised for their turnaround under John Lynch and Shanahan. In any case, they need considerably more than a congratulatory gesture. They need to demonstrate they are contenders. They need a Super Bowl ring. So as to achieve this most elevated of desires, notwithstanding, they should initially demonstrate they can hang with the NFL’s foundation. Throughout the following three weeks, the 49ers will get their opportunity to show the group what they’re really made of.

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