Stephen Jackson: ‘I Don’t Regret’ Malice in the Palace


Stephen Jackson doesn’t lament his job in “Noxiousness at the Palace,” probably the ugliest scene in NBA history.

Matt Barnes, Cap’n Jack’s co-have on another and exceptionally engaging video digital broadcast adventure, includes that he “could envision” himself accomplishing something comparable.

“I was there for my colleague,” Jackson says of joining Ron Artest in the stands to fight with Detroit Pistons fans on Nov. 19, 2004.

Per The LA Times:

“I don’t generally consider the fight until this season when it’s all over online life,” he said as he fixed and lit his dull outside of an account studio in Santa Monica. “I don’t think twice about it. I was there for my partner and it was something I invested heavily in doing. I simply despise the manner in which I got judged. I’m a long way from a hooligan. I’m an unwavering companion who will consistently have your back.”As Jackson talked, his previous partner Matt Barnes sat down adjacent to him and lit his own dull as he thought back about where he was the point at which he saw Artest and Jackson tossing punches in the crowd.”I was with the Sacramento Kings and we were playing Memphis and we watched it on TV during halftime of our game,” Barnes said. “We really began the second half late on the grounds that we were all in stunningness. We were viewing these fellows battle the fans. It was insane however I could envision myself doing some … like that.”

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