Report shares the 13- word inspiring letter Poch left for Spurs players


Mauricio Pochettino was soothed of his obligations as Tottenham Hotspur chief on Tuesday night, with Jose Mourinho getting selected on Wednesday morning as his successor.

The Argentine was not able say his farewells to the players face to face subsequently, however he left an endearing letter for them, as indicated by The Sun.

It understands along these lines: “Sorry we can’t come to bid farewell, you are consistently in our souls.”

Pochettino left Tottenham close by his instructing staff Jesus Perez, Miguel D’Agostino and Antoni Jimenez following five-and-a-half years at the club, and Mourinho has since gotten Joao Sacramento, Carlos Lalin, Nuno Santos, Ricardo Formosinho and Giovanni Cerra as their substitutions.

Sacramento, once in the past of AS Monaco and Lille, is Spurs’ new Assistant Head Coach, while Santos is their new Goalkeeper Coach.

Lalin, who prior worked with Mourinho at Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid, is the new Fitness Coach, while Formosinho and Cerra will take up jobs as Tactical Analyst and Technical Analyst separately.

They were altogether engaged with yesterday’s preparation, and will would like to start life in North London with a triumph when they visit West Ham United on Saturday.

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