Ricky Rubio Limited As Back Spasms Return


The Phoenix Suns discovered five minutes before their Monday night game that beginning stage monitor Ricky Rubio was not able play because of back fits. Those issues returned against the previous evening, driving the veteran back to the sidelines.

Regardless of missing the main round of Phoenix’s consecutive against the Boston Celtics, Rubio set out to play Tuesday night against the Sacramento Kings and even began the principal half of the ball game.

Tragically for Suns fans, Rubio battled to a 0-7 first half and was in the end closed down after just 16 minutes of activity. Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic reports that it was in truth that back fits that restricted Rubio.

It’s vague how the group will deal with the damage heading forward given that the fits returned so rapidly after the principal session. Their next game is booked for tomorrow evening.

In his first year with the Suns, Rubio has been a significant piece of the group’s intense improvement and his nonattendance was felt when he had to the sidelines. Regardless of the continuous misfortunes without Rubio, Phoenix is as yet 7-6 on the season.

In 11 games for the Suns this season, Rubio has arrived at the midpoint of 12.5 focuses and 8.1 helps.

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