Charles Barkley Apologizes for ‘Joke’ About Hitting a Woman


Charles Barkley apologized for making a remark about hitting a female political correspondent Tuesday night.

There are no occasions I will mouth an OTR “understanding” however this isn’t OK. Also, it was all since he came in discussing how he adores Deval Patrick and once somebody from Pete’s crusade came around he said he cherished Pete and I reminded him he recently said he was a Deval fan—Alexi McCammond (@alexi) November 20, 2019

Barkley gave an announcement more than “an endeavored joke that wasn’t amusing in any way” through Turner Sports’ web based life PR arm Wednesday.

Proclamation for the benefit of Charles Barkley because of tweet by Axios columnist Alexi McCammond:”My remark was unseemly and unsatisfactory. It was an endeavored joke that wasn’t amusing in any way. There’s no reason for it and I am sorry.”— TurnerSportsPR (@TurnerSportsPR) November 20, 2019

Barkley seemed to get furious when tested over his political loyalties.

Per The AP:

Axios columnist Alexi McCammond composed on Twitter Tuesday night that when she addressed Barkley on his uncertainty over the Democratic presidential hopefuls.Barkley advised her “I don’t hit ladies however on the off chance that I did I would hit you.” McCammond says when she protested his comments, Barkley disclosed to her she “couldn’t take a joke.”Barley said in the explanation that “it was an endeavored joke that wasn’t clever in any way. There’s no reason for it and I am sorry.”

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