Whan consents to ‘long haul’ expansion to remain LPGA official


Mike Whan doesn’t plan to leave the LPGA at any point in the near future.

With his agreement set to terminate late one year from now, Whan affirmed with GolfChannel.com Tuesday that he has marked an agreement expansion.

“It’s a long haul contract,” Whan said. “I don’t have a clue to what extent it is. I truly don’t.”

LPGA president Vicki Goetze-Ackerman affirmed there’s another arrangement set up.

“It’s a long haul contract,” Goetze-Ackerman said. “That is all you will get anybody to let you know. He has a dream for the future, and he needs to remain. He’s been awesome, taking us from a troubling spot in 2010 to where we are presently, with a dream of a significantly more grounded future.”

Whan is finishing his 10th year as the LPGA’s pioneer, the longest residency of any chief in visit history, outperforming the seven-year rule of Ray Volpe, who held the post from 1975 to ’82 as the LPGA’s first magistrate.

“I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved,” Whan said. “I’m extremely pleased with the group we’ve constructed.”

Whan turned into the visit’s eighth chief on Jan. 4, 2010. He marked a six-year augmentation in 2015, with that arrangement due to terminate after one year from now’s Olympics.

The visit was foundering when Whan dominated, after his antecedent, Carolyn Bivens, was removed by players who were tired of her graceless strategies estranging supporters. With the one-two punch of a harsh economy, Whan acquired a visit battling with just 23 occasions and all out prize cash of $40 million.

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“We could have lost the visit, effectively,” Hall of Famer Juli Inkster said.

Inkster and Helen Alfredsson were on the hunt council that enlisted Whan.

“This contract could represent the deciding moment us,” Alfredsson said. “We expected to get this right.”

Ten years into his rule, Whan has revamped the LPGA with a solid, enhanced establishment, with 33 occasions and more than $70 million in all out prize cash.

Whan helped the visit reconsider itself, changing it from a competition and duty gathering association into a worldwide media property. That is one of the basic dreams he keeps on expanding upon. He turned what was once seen as the visit’s greatest shortcoming, too many developing Asian players with new names, into probably the best quality. He fabricated abroad business connections and extended TV interests while transforming the LPGA into a worldwide venture.

“In addition to the fact that players trust him, however supports trust him,” Goetze-Ackerman said. “He has assembled connections on the two sides of that.”

Whan is pleased with the bigger desire the LPGA seeks after.

“We have such a bigger umbrella, that we cast over ladies’ golf now,” Whan said. “It was a competition and educators visit when I began. Presently, it’s the Symetra Tour and the LPGA however we likewise have LPGA beginners, with 100,000 Girls’ Golf individuals. I’m extremely pleased with what we’ve accomplished for beginners in ladies’ golf.

“At whatever point my residency is finished, no one will recall who began the Founders Cup or International Crown. They will recall that there are a hell of significantly more ladies playing golf. In the following 20 years, you will perceive what’s going on in junior golf programs today occurring in ladies’ golf. I feel that is the thing that I’ll be generally glad for when I’m perched on an armchair sometime in the future.”

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