Extra Charges Filed Against Felipe Vazquez


By Steve Adams | November 19, 2019 at 10:35pm CDTTwenty-one new charges have been documented against Pirates left-hander Felipe Vazquez, Rich Cholodofsky and Renatta Signorini of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review report. Vazquez is right now being in Westmoreland County Prison on recently documented charges of sexual statutory ambush of a minor. He was denied bail at a starter hearing Tuesday after the arraignment contended that Vazquez is a “critical flight chance.” The new charges, uncovered today, affirm ownership of kid sex entertainment, unlawful contact with a minor and defilement of a minor.

The course of events for a possible decision and potential condemning aren’t quickly clear, however the mounting number of upsetting charges against the previous All-Star pitcher make it hard to imagine him regularly coming back to a major class hill. Contingent upon the discoveries of the court, Vazquez could confront anything from stretched out prison time to expelling. He’s as of now on managerial leave under Major League Baseball’s joint abusive behavior at home, rape and kid misuse approach.

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