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This may be somewhat long yet hang with me.

The stories I’m hearing is that as a result of his restricted guarded worth that Andujar is a DH. I’ll confine it to that “position” in such a case that/how he’ll adjust to 1B a puzzle…

Individuals reject a DH like a decent one is anything but difficult to discover as well as modest. Presently you CAN put any player at DH yet you’re not going to put a decent glove there. In the event that you need/need a decent one at that point what’s the market? How about we investigate…

A year ago Fangraph had 21 players assigned as a “DH” that had in any event 200 AB. From that gathering just 8 of them had the same number of HRS as Andujar had in his 1 full season (27). None of them had more than 33 duplicates. Andujar had 47. None of them had a lower K rate than his (16%).. Just 7 of them had an OPS over Andujar’s .855. His thump as a hitter? He had the most reduced walk rate (4%) and came in 14th out of 20. in OBP.

Who are these top level DH’s? Yordan (pre-arb new kid on the block). Nelson Cruz (has been a full-time DH for the last 3 seasons and marked by the Twins for 2/$26 mil. JD Martinez marked for 5/$110 mil. Soler plays 2/3 of his time as a DH the other 1/3 in the OF. I would state his resistance in the OF is practically identical to Andujar at third. Soler is still in his 2 arb years so he’s reasonable around $7 mil. Andujar is pre-arb w/4 years of control. left. Austin Meadows invested a large portion of his energy in the OF (88 games) and 44 as a DH. HIs protective measurements says he ought to be to a greater extent a DH. Tracker Pence marked a ml bargain falling off of a loathsome 2018 so his compensation wasn’t a lot. Great bob back year in 2019 yet he’s turning 37 in 2020.

So a group will move more seasoned folks on long haul agreements to DH in light of the fact that they are too old to even think about offering protective worth and a portion of those folks are maturing stars like Pujols, Cabrera, and so on. Be that as it may, in the event that you NEED offense and not hoping to obtain a costly over paid vet it’s as yet going to cost you (EE, Cruz, JD, and so on). Andujar would rank among the best hitters you can get in the event that he were on the exchange showcase and would procure nothing for 2020 and afterward not as much as market an incentive in his 3 arb years. So to state a DH has no worth then for what reason did Cruz get 2/$26 or JD 5/$110 or EE draw near to 3/$60 mil (incl buyout) to be full-time DHs?? Groups settle up for offense just players that are tip top. While Andujar isn’t in the same class as JD his bat still would rank among the best even with his low walk rate. Despite everything he is an extraordinary contact hitter like DJ LeMahieu who strolls marginally more (7%) than Andujar (4%) and in his entire year he hit for 76 exttra fair hit. In 2018 just Story, Betts, Baez, Bregman, Lindor, Martinez, Ramirez, Carpenter, Yelich, K. Davis and Arenando had more than Andujar and the pioneer, Story, “just” had 9+ at 85.

What is Kluber’s worth on the off chance that he were a free specialist in 2020? He’s 34 and was both terrible and harmed all of 2019. He was an outright pro previously 2019.

Comps are…

– Erving Santana was 16- 8 w/200 + IP and a 3.28 ERA in 2017. He cratered in 2018 (like Kluber awful and harmed all year). Anticipated, on this site, to sign a 1/$6 mil bargain. He wound up marking a small time bargain. Sucked and harmed all of 2019.

– Drew Pomeranz was 17- 6 w/a 3.32 ERA in 170 + IP. in 2017. Had a horrendous 2018 with poor generation and was restricted to 74 IP. He was anticipated to sign for 1/$6 mil. Rather he made due with 1/$1.,500,00 mil.

– Dallas Keuchel had a decent 2018 w/a 3.74 ERA in 299 +IP. be that as it may, misread his market and wound up marking a 1/$13 mil contract. He likely could have had significantly more than what he marked for however not as much as what they were waiting for. 3/$45 mil possibly” Keep as a main priority that while he’s not a pro like Kluber he’s 2 years more youthful and sound had a 3.74/4.06 in more than 1/2 seasons abbreviated on the grounds that he marked late. He may be progressively alluring on a 1/$15 mil bargain than Kluber on a 1/$18 mil. Keuchel has a superior taken shots at rehashing his mid pivot 4.06 FIP than Kluber is to rehash his 3.12 FIP.

Kluber was a genuine pro however in the event that he were a FA he would be squeezed to get 1/$18 ensured for this present year. Perhaps 1/$10 w/a lot of motivating forces to get him up there. And keeping in mind that his damage might not have been as critical then some referenced it was as yet an arm related damage couple with diagonal damage for a person turning 34 who’s contributed over 1,000 innings the past 5 years. For what reason should a purchaser feel incredible about the chances of him being an expert going ahead.

So what are individuals here calling a “reasonable exchange” + expecting the $18 mil he’s owed? Andujar straight up? Probably not. They are stating that Andujar can’t be the highlight of an arrangement and it would take a “superior player” than him? What’s a superior player than a 25 yo with a .855 OPS and 4 years of control? I surmise they would state a top 10- 20 prospect. In any case, a possibility is a possibility and if a top 10 prospect had a 27 hr, 47 dbls and .855 OPS in his tenderfoot they would be exceptionally upbeat regardless of whether the safeguard was a short. The way that he WAS harmed in 2019 thumps a smidgen of his brilliance yet hitters are bound to ricochet once more from shoulder damage than a 34 yo previous workhorse of a pitcher with any sort of arm related issue.

So all that I am stating is that a better than expected DH is more enthusiastically to discover than recommended, clear by the way that a large portion of the AL groups are utilizing a DH whose bat wasn’t tantamount to Andujar’s in his full season and some that are better/similar are acquiring significant coin (EE, JD, Cruz,). Also, Andujar is youthful enough to in any case become an acceptable 3B and a position change to LF or 1B is an obscure plausibility while folks like Cruz, EE and Cruz are more averse to play the field in some other time than a final hotel. Additionally, a few NL groups may be happy to include Andujar and his guarded moles and the way that few groups utilize players with twofold digit negative cautious worth like Bell ( ), Hosmer (- 12 ), Blackmon (- 17) and Freedman (- 19). Would Andujar be more regrettable protectively than Hosmer or Bell at 1B? Whelps appeared to be entirely glad to exchange for Castellanos in the thick of a season finisher run. with his – 13 guarded WAR.

So all these folks are stating he has little worth and couldn’t be the primary piece to gain a costly, more established and rehabbing SP appears to be off-base and to state it would require Andujar and a piece or pieces superior to anything him doesn’t sit well once you really take a gander at the estimation of Andujar and Kluber with the age and damage and agreement being considered.

I can’t think about a solitary examination where a recuperating vet, who hasn’t pitched an inning since April and is owed $18 mil was exchanged for an Andujar comp w/4 years of control + possibilities. I would prefer to keep Andujar or use him in an exchange to get a youthful SP who has potential yet is to a greater extent a #3 or #4 type with a higher roof or some non-first class prospects who the scouts or logical group feels can turn into an effect mlb player. In any case, for Kluber? Excessively unsafe., I’m not surrendering pro exchange an incentive for a person with that numerous warnings. Presently in the event that the Indians basically needn’t bother with a 3b/DH hitter at that point let the arrangement fall flat therefore and not on the grounds that you need me to pay pre 2019 cost for his genuine market esteem now. For $18 mil, Andujar and “better” at that point I need to a greater extent a slam dunk than what Kluber is at the present time. No chance you can accept that he’s an expert in 2020.

Sorry for the length.

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