Estadio Azteca is matching Neyland Stadium for the most exceedingly awful turf in football


Monday Night Football ought to be entertaining. Really awful Estadio Azteca’s turf is making a joke of the NFL. It’s nearly as terrible as Neyland Stadium’s a couple of years back.Are you prepared for some football? Indeed, think about who wasn’t prepared for some Monday Night Football activity down in Mexico City? That would be the turf of Estadio Azteca. The grass looks like feed and is clumpier than your morning oats. It’s so awful, it helps school football fans to remember that on-field mass that plague the Tennessee Volunteers’ Neyland Stadium. Fix your field, Tennessee!Estadio Azteca is one of the best and most notorious settings in sports. It was the primary arena to have two FIFA World Cup Finals. The Mexican National Team plays there and as a rule puts a challenging on the most outstanding adversary U.S. Men’s National Team. No, it’s the height, however the frame of mind of the grass that basically detests football spikes.Remember how when you were a child and your father disclosed to you that you expected to put down the darn computer games and be a contributing part to this family? You were very hitting adolescence, however think about who needed to begin cutting the grass? You did it, and you didn’t loathe it, with the exception of sacking the grass. So all things considered, you let the clippings fly around like a plastic sack in the Windy City.Basically, Estadio Azteca’s turf resembles the high school rendition of you got down to business on it with a Craftsman yard cutter your family obtained at Sears back in the early 1990s. On the off chance that this was a late spring activity you had when you were 16- years-old, no, Mrs. Bryant was not going to pay you $20 for this hack work endeavor of landscaping.While the Estadio Azteca turf isn’t snapping ligament like toothpicks as Neyland Stadium would in general do during the flawless Butch Jones period in Knoxville, step by determined step, this grass is going to look more like a bovine field than a football field and that stinks!Fortunately for America, the NFL isn’t returning to Mexico until at any rate one year from now. Rog still has his interest with London, so regardless we got that to manage for the finish of time. Fortunately, the NFL will be gone in 60 minutes and kiss this clumpy turf goodbye.Next: 10 urban communities that should have a Super BowlUnless the Los Angeles Chargers need to remain; they have a bigger number of fans here than they normally do in Carson. With respect to the Kansas City Chiefs, they were directly about the turf a year ago, this year and most likely one year from now. So no, Andy Reid is never going to prepare his group in height for his pleased AFC West establishment to go play in a green grassland of babble.

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